Liquid Lipsticks and more: Brand Review- LIME CRIME

Lime Crime is one of those Instagram famous makeup brands that have found their way in every makeup lover’s makeup box. They have a huge variety of makeup and hair color products but they are arguably best known for their liquid lipsticks. I personally own 10 lipsticks and although they are mostly matte liquid lipsticks, my collection has hints of metallics and regular lipstick and even a diamond crusher. Now, let me break this down depending on the finish-

  1. Matte and Metallic Velvetines– So, they have a really impressive variety of shades when it comes to their mattes and metallics. They are EXTREMELY long lasting and have passed my food and beverage test multiple times. The darker shades even fade beautifully, leaving a stunning tint behind. The lighter colors seem a little less impressive to me but that’s because they seem to wash me out. The only thing that I don’t like is how drying the formula can be. My typical regime prior to applying these lipsticks would be using a sugar scrub and lip balm to prep my lips first and then through out the day I like to use lip balm to help my lips feel hydrated throughout the day. Other than that, the product itself lasts about 8-10 hours on me, depending on the shade I am wearing, which is incredible. They are priced at $20 USD a piece. blog1
  2. Perlees– Their description of this lipstick is that it’s a bridge between metallics and mattes, which I think is exactly how I’d like to describe the product. When you see the swatches on the website, they look extremely metallic but when you use them, it’s a more subtle sheen. There is little to no glitter in the product but it IS very shimmery for a “matte”, which explain why it’s a lovechild of a matte and metallic.  The shade variety is again extremely impressive. The lasting power isn’t as good as their liquid lipsticks but the formula is much more kind to your lips. It leaves my lips feeling soft and fresh and the shade gives me a subtle grungy look. I own the perlee in the shade ‘charmed’ which is the website describes as a plumy mauve but to me it’s more of a metallic lavender. The packaging is incredible and I enjoyed it the most out of all their other product’s packaging. They are priced at $18 USD a piece. blog5
  3. Diamond Crusher– These are their lip toppers that are big on the glitz and glitter. The product is super glittery and I mean VERY glittery. But they look stunning. The formula itself is a little strange to me. It’s almost oily which causes the product application to be a little patchy. But, it dries down to almost a matter finish until your lips look like you’re wearing just glitter. The lip toppers by themselves look beautiful and to be honest I prefer mine by itself. I have the shade ‘summer’, which is a peachy glittery shade, perfect for the summer and even for fall. They are priced at $18 USD a piece. blog2

Here is a swatch of all of them together.blog3

I am extremely impressed by the fact that they delivered within a week (from order confirmation to delivery). The box they ship it in has unicorns and baby pink paper on the inside. All in all, Lime Crime is what all your unicorn dreams are made of. They are a little on the pricy end but they make for wonderful gifts and with the holiday season coming in some months, they’ll make for the perfect stocking stuffer. I give the brand 3.5 glam gals out of 5, deducting 1.5 for the price and the fomula of the mattes. 



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