Show Review: Black Mirror (Spoiler Free)

First there was Game of Thrones and now there is Black Mirror. Every now and then, a show comes along that delves into the unthinkable. Black Mirror is a British sci-fi series that does it with such finesse and ease that it leaves you feeling almost squirmy. It is the brain child of Charlie Brooker, who is more well known for his annual roundup review show called ‘Wipe’. You can check it out here, The episodes are set in a dystopian future where technology has saturated almost all spheres of life. And yet somehow, the themes of the episodes are still relatable. They all cash in on basic human emotions, fear, love, longing, the need for validation…among others. My favorite part about Black Mirror, is it leaves the viewer contemplating the realities of their own life. Despite being set in the future, it still talks about issues that are very much relevant today. The episodes range from being mildly uncomfortable to completely horrifying, in the most entertaining way possible. They all have a dark, satirical undertone to it. It first came out in 2011, and was taken up by Netflix in 2015, which was a brilliant move on their part. Three seasons are already out, so it’s the perfect series to lead your binge watch list. Each episode has a different theme and different cast, which makes it probably one of the best examples of how creative the television industry can be and how talented the writers of the show are. It almost feels like a social commentary without being preachy or condescending. I DO however, recommend you watch the episodes with someone. Due to the sensitive nature of the episodes, they often leave viewers feeling uneasy and well you know what they say….misery loves company. So open a bottle of red, curl up on your couch with some friends and revel in the miserable brilliance of Black Mirror together. I rate the show, 4 hipsters addicted to aesthetic Instagram feeds. 



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