The Joys of Journaling

If you’re not living under a rock, you’d know that the 90’s are making a massive comeback. Now journaling, isn’t particularly a 90’s thing but, I feel like it peaked in the 90’s through mainstream media and films. I use the word as a verb because that’s exactly what it is…an action, an emotion. It’s a safe space to let your chaos breed. Now if you’re a journaling novice or someone like me who does it on and off, it’s easy to get into the habit of recording your thoughts onto a piece of paper. The freedom to explore the realms of your mind without any judgement is liberating….and pretty addictive once you get the hang of it. But, like any other art form..(yes I went as far as calling it an art form, have you seen the ones on Tumblr?) it requires some discipline and persistence. It is easy to pick up a journal one day and pen down your thoughts when you have a load to unload. But what about the bad days? Days when you’re having writer’s block or are stuck in a creative slump? Well the best way to get over it is to write anyway. Just make a record of your day. treat your journal like your best friend. Customize it with pictures, doodles and anything else you can think of. Let it scream…you. Because your journal is a part of you, a representation of you.

Here are a few tips to make journaling an experience that is tailored for you-

  1. Let your mind roam free. Don’t censor your thoughts. No one’s judging.
  2. Customize it to suit your personality.
  3. Treat it like a ritual at first until it comes naturally to you.
  4. Contemplate as you write. Let one thought lead to another until you find yourself snowballing into a plethora of thoughts that all need a medium of release. You’ll run out of paper, trust me.
  5. And most importantly, have fun with it. Don’t take it too seriously. Journaling is meant to relax you, not wind you up.

My journal is a sketch journal. It’s a teal, faux leather and suede finish journal that is very nautical and has yellow old looking pages. It resonates with me. Everything about it, from the sea details, to the color, to the old world feel…screams me. Now, I’m not much of an artist but I feel like it allows me a certain amount of creative freedom that a regular journal would not. I fill it with my deepest, darkest thoughts, doodles and pictures. It’s almost an extension of me. And best of all, I got mine off of Amazon, so they are super accessible. I think journaling helps us find our voice, allows us to talk about thoughts we wouldn’t usually share with anyone else. It feels like the kind of thing that helps structure the chaotic mind of a young adult, who is still trying to find their place in the world. And if not for the above mentioned reasons, you might find it appealing due to the hipster vibe of penning down your thoughts. Either way, give this hobby a try, I highly recommend it. I rate it 4 scrap-booking hipsters who are also spoken word enthusiasts. 



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