Book Review- Soppy: A Love Story

Soppy is a graphic novel by Phillipa Rice. Her super popular web comic on Tumblr was taken up by Andrews McMeel publishing and made into the masterpiece that it is today. Soppy, is based on Rice’s love story and as the name suggests, is a full fledged sop fest, in the best way possible. I couldn’t help but picture myself in all those scenarios, and I think the fact that it is so relatable is its biggest win. It does not pretend to be a serious novel that grips you from cover to cover. It is exactly what it promises, a beautifully illustrated graphic novel, that never fails to make you feel sweet and fuzzy. While it might be a miss on most serious reader’s lists, I feel like it makes for a good conversation starter and an even better coffee table piece. It’s adorable and had me reaching for the ice cream tub when I was single (you’ve been warned dear reader).

All in all, it’s a pleasant change from all the heavy reading I usually find myself doing and would recommend this as a gift for someone, because it is one of those books that you probably wouldn’t buy for yourself but, make for a great gift. I rate it, three out of five mascara smudging, ice cream shoving hipsters.



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